Hair Colour Bowl With Peroxide

Category Spotlight: Hair Developer

What Is Developer?

Hair developer, sometimes called activator, is a creamy or liquid substance containing hydrogen peroxide. It is combined with hair dye or bleach to initiate the colour-changing process. The developer's function is to open the hair cuticle and lift the natural pigment, enabling the new colour to penetrate the hair shaft. Without developer, hair dye or bleach cannot effectively alter your hair colour.

How Does Developer Work?

When mixed with hair dye or bleach, the hydrogen peroxide in the developer breaks down the hair’s natural pigment, triggering a chemical reaction that allows the new colour to deposit. The intensity of this reaction depends on the volume of the developer used, which is measured in percentages or volumes.

Understanding the 'Volume'!

Hair developers come in different volumes or percentages, each suitable for specific coloring needs:

10 Volume (3% Peroxide):

  • Use: Ideal for depositing colour without lift, toning, and for use with semi-permanent or demi-permanent dyes.
  • Effect: Provides minimal lightening and is best for darkening or adding a subtle colour change.

20 Volume (6% Peroxide):

  • Use: Commonly used for permanent hair colour and lightening up to 2 levels.
  • Effect: Ideal for grey coverage and achieving a noticeable colour change.

30 Volume (9% Peroxide):

  • Use: Used for lightening hair up to 3 levels.
  • Effect: Suitable for those looking to go significantly lighter or for more intense colour results.

40 Volume (12% Peroxide):

  • Use: For maximum lightening, often used with high-lift colours and bleach.
  • Effect: Can lift hair up to 4 levels or more, but should be used with caution to avoid damage.

Hair developer is essential in the hair coloring process, allowing you to achieve beautiful, vibrant colors. Understanding how it works and selecting the appropriate volume for your needs ensures a successful and satisfying coloring experience. Whether aiming for a subtle change or a bold transformation, using hair developer correctly will help you achieve your desired results while keeping your hair healthy and gorgeous.

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