Joico Lumishine Hair Colour

Product Spotlight: Joico Lumishine Hair Colour

Joico Lumishine is a professional hair colour line developed by Joico. Lumishine is designed to provide vibrant, long-lasting and healthy-looking hair colour. The line includes a variety of products such as hair colour, developers, and aftercare products. Here are some key features and components of Joico Lumishine:

  1. Lumishine Hair Colour:
    • Lumishine offers a wide range of hair colour shades, from natural tones to fashion-forward hues. The colour line is known for its versatility, allowing hairstylists to achieve a spectrum of looks, including subtle highlights, bold fashion colours, and classic shades.
  2. Lumishine Developers:
    • The developers used with Lumishine colour are formulated to work specifically with the Lumishine colour line. Developers come in different volumes, allowing hairstylists to achieve various levels of lift and deposit.
  3. Repair+ Permanent Crème Colour:
    • Lumishine Repair+ Permanent Crème Colour is a key component of the line. It is formulated with Joico's ArgiPlex technology, which combines arginine, a conditioning agent, and other ingredients to help strengthen and protect the hair during the colouring process.
  4. Lumishine Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour:
    • In addition to permanent colour, Lumishine also offers a demi-permanent liquid colour option. Demi-permanent colour is often used for toning, enhancing natural hair colour, or providing a temporary colour change.
  5. Versatility:
    • Lumishine is known for its versatility in terms of colour mixing, allowing stylists to create customized shades and effects. The colour line is often used for a range of colouring techniques, including balayage, ombre, and traditional foil highlights.
  6. Aftercare Products:
    • Joico typically offers aftercare products to complement the Lumishine colour line. These may include shampoos, conditioners, and treatments designed to maintain and enhance the vibrancy of the hair colour.
  7. Professional Use:
    • Lumishine is a professional salon brand, and its products are intended for use by licensed hairstylists. Professional colourists often appreciate the quality, performance, and creative possibilities that Lumishine provides.

It's important to note that specific products and formulations within the Lumishine line may be updated or expanded over time, so it's advisable to refer to the latest information provided by Joico or consult with a licensed cosmetologist for the most current details on Lumishine products and techniques.

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