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Berrywell Augenblick Developer Lotion 3%, 61ml / 2.1oz

Berrywell Augenblick Developer Lotion 3%, 61ml / 2.1oz

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  • The creamy texture provides a very good consistency for an even application
  • No dripping results
  • Containing only 3 % (10 Volume) peroxide, this formula is gentler than most competitive alternatives
  • Bottle has an excellent built-in dispensing tip that is simple to use
  • Made in Germany


Contains hydrogen peroxide. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Immediately rinse with water if product gets in to eyes. Immediately wash splashes from skin and clothes. Wear appropriate gloves. Do not pour amounts back in to bottle once taken out, since even very small impurities can dissolve stabilization and inflate and burst the bottle. Do not mix with metal objects. For professional use only. Store in a cool dark place.