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Joico Colour Intensity Colour Swatch

Joico Colour Intensity Colour Swatch

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Joico Colour Intensity semi permanent colour swatch.

Joico Color Intensity offers a broad shade pallet including Bold shades with over the top vibrancy, Metallic shades with multidimensional metallics, Pastel shades with creamy pastel and Pearl pastel colours and the Love Aura collection. Color Intensity's full shade range is listed below:

Joico Ruby Red, Joico Red, Joico Magenta, Joico Amethyst Purple, Joico Indigo, Joico Sapphire Blue, Joico Cobalt Blue, Joico Kelly Green, Joico True Blue, Joico Peacock Green, Joico Mermaid Blue, Joico Orchid, Joico Pink, Joico Hit Pink, Joico Yellow, Joico Limelight, Joico Aqua Flow, Joico Soft Pink, Joico Light Purple, Joico Titanium, Joico Metallic Mauve Quartz, Joico Metallic Pewter, Joico Metallic Violet, Joico Rose, Joico Lilac, Joico Rose Gold, Joico Silver Ice, Joico Violet Pearl, Joico Blush, Joico True Lav, Joico Peri-Wink, Joico Passion Berry, Joico Mauve Amour, Joico Hot Kiss.

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